Pokémon Global Utility Strip
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Pokémon AR Marker Database
Get Info with Pokémon AR Markers
Pokémon AR Markers are yet another way to look up and compare Pokémon in the Pokédex 3D Pro application. When looking at a Pokémon via a Pokémon AR Marker, touch one of the type buttons to see how effective a move of that type would be against that Pokémon.
View multiple Pokémon at once to see how each would react to a certain type of attack.
A Fire-type attack isn't very effective against Infernape...
but it's super effective against Torterra!
Compare with Rank Check
You can also compare the base stats of Pokémon by viewing Pokémon side by side with Pokémon AR Markers. Visit the Pokémon AR Marker database and print out Pokémon AR Markers so you can compare Pokémon using Rank Check!
Touch a stat button to see a ranking for that stat among all the Pokémon you see.
Among the Unova starters, Tepig has the highest Attack stat!
Take and Make Photos
Taking photos in Pokédex 3D Pro is a snap. Just click the Pokémon AR Viewer button on the title menu and you'll be able to scan Pokémon AR Markers and take photos of Pokémon. A new photo album feature lets you organize and keep track of the Pokémon you've taken photos of, too.
Aim your camera at a Pokémon AR Marker to take photos of your favorite
Pokémon in action!
Next, choose an image from your SD Card that you've already taken that you would like to use as a background.
Place the Pokémon photo you just took on top of the background to create amazing composite images!
When you take a photo using a Pokémon AR Marker, it will be tracked in the convenient photo album.
Customize the Pokédex
With the images you've taken using Pokémon AR Markers and your own background images, you can customize Pokémon entries! Create your own personal Pokédex to show your friends!
Spend time giving your Pokémon entries a cool new look, like Pichu romping through a field of flowers!