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Features of Pokédex 3D Pro
The Pokédex 3D Pro application is the perfect accessory for any Pokémon Trainer! The Nintendo 3DS application contains tons of information about over 640 Pokémon. Look up moves, stats, and evolutions, and view each Pokémon in amazing 3D!
Pokémon from Every Angle
In Pokédex 3D Pro, you'll be able to view Pokémon in all sorts of ways! Rotate and zoom in on the Pokémon to see them from any perspective. Plus, listen to their cries and hear the Pokémon's names in six languages! Pokédex 3D Pro lets you explore the Pokédex like never before.
Look up at Ralts from below to see its eyes, which are normally hidden!
Vileplume mimics a flower when examined from a bird's-eye view.
Watch for Swalot to open its humongous mouth!
Press the Action button to see your Pokémon's coolest moves!
An Interactive Encyclopedia!
You'll find exhaustive information on more than 640 different Pokémon when you explore Pokédex 3D Pro. Moves, stats, effectiveness, and much more are all clearly displayed in amazing detail for every Pokémon!
The six vital statistics of each Pokémon — Attack, Defense, HP, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed—are measured on a 0–10 scale.
Find out at a glance how well other Pokémon match up against your Pokémon.
A full list of moves will make it much easier for you to raise your Pokémon just how you want to.
There are powerful Pokémon new to the Unova Pokédex in the Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 games. You can look them up as soon as you catch them!
More to the Move Dex
New to Pokédex 3D Pro is an improved Move Dex, providing more detail than ever before. Find out important information such as how frequently you can expect additional effects of attacks!
In addition to having 120 power, the move Thunder has a 30% chance of causing the Paralysis condition.
Revealing Hidden Abilities
Hidden Abilities have become popular in competitions and beyond when raising Pokémon. Most Pokémon with Hidden Abilities can be found in the Pokémon Dream World, as well as in the Pokémon Dream Radar game (sold separately). Now with Pokédex 3D Pro, you can get all the specifics about these Hidden Abilities so you can train your Pokémon knowing every detail.
When a Vulpix with the Hidden Ability Drought comes into play, the Sunny weather effect will begin automatically.
When a Porygon with the Hidden Ability Analytic attacks last, it gets a significant power boost.
Just Your Type
All Pokémon and their moves have types, which have various effectiveness in battles. With Pokédex 3D Pro, you'll get information on how much the damage dealt by each move will be multiplied or reduced based on the type matchup of every Pokémon!
Pokémon with multiple types can have quite complicated strengths and weaknesses. Pokédex 3D Pro makes it easy to figure them out!
New Pokémon AR Marker Tricks!
Pokédex 3D Pro includes a number of awesome things you can do with the Nintendo 3DS Camera and Pokémon AR Markers. View and compare Pokémon, place Pokémon in your own photos, and more!
Learn more about new camera
features in Pokédex 3D Pro!
There are 28 distinct forms of Unown, and each has its own entry in Pokédex 3D Pro.
You can even look up every type change for the Mythical Pokémon Arceus!
Every Single Form
Pokémon with various forms are represented in complete detail in Pokédex 3D Pro, with a separate entry of detailed information for each form! Read them all to learn some surprising things about each Pokémon!